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Businesses with less 1,000 employees are typically in a growth or rebuilding phase, are open to growth opportunities and realize they may need third-party help to address issues or challenges. Oftentimes, these companies are stuck in the mindset of running their business as they always have been, not realizing they need to explore new, more effective ways of operating to achieve their goals and further growth.

Our clients are usually experiencing issues or challenges in leadership, team and employee relations or dynamics that may be impacting efficiencies in processes and gaining profitability. These issues could be employee engagement, productivity, wellness, hiring, staffing, training, psychological safety, a need for professional assessment and development, and COVID-related concerns (e.g., hybrid working conditions and environments). To address these issues, clients realize the benefits of bringing in a third-party consultancy that specializes in addressing these issues and challenges and facilitating company growth or transformation.

At Adesso Associates, we have effectively and successfully counseled businesses across a variety of industries, including the food and beverage, insurance, financial services, non-profit, manufacturing, and scientific/medical instrument industries.

We can work with you to help your business in a number of areas:

  • Managing change and growth
  • Conducting organizational, team and individual assessments
  • Driving leadership and executive development
  • Engaging in collaborative consulting – becoming immersed in your organization and working closely with your people to determine the solutions you need to your problems
  • Creating a learning organization (experiential learning with feedback loops)
  • Improving communication (between management and employees and among team members)
  • Addressing interpersonal issues and challenges that are impacting the bottom line

About Todd Vroman - Adesso Associates Principal/Owner

Todd Vroman is an organizational psychologist and strategist with 28 years’ experience that includes working in diverse roles in major companies in the insurance, finance, and investment industries, including Principal Financial, MassMutual, Morgan Stanley, and The Hartford. His varied background has included business development, sales, marketing, training and team building, along with managerial responsibilities.

This wide-ranging experience has given Todd a unique perspective as well as knowledge on what makes an organization tick and how relationships and communications impact business success. More importantly, he has seen how negative human behavior, especially among people in managerial roles, can create employee disenchantment and have a harmful ripple effect across the organization.

What Todd witnessed motivated him to obtain his Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology and put both his education and diverse professional background to use in counseling businesses of all sizes on interpersonal relations. Along the way to transitioning to his consultancy, he gained a wealth of wisdom and inspiration from his father-in-law, who was himself a psychologist who often applied his practice to helping businesses.

Launched in 2010, Todd Vroman and Adesso Associates have been successful at helping business owners, executives and employees with making their communications more constructive and attaining the outcomes they desire from their interactions. This ultimately leads to greater employee engagement and greater productivity that positively impacts the bottom line. With his very first client, Todd helped the company through a complete transformation, which involved creating and implementing a generational ownership transition plan. As a result of his efforts, the company had happier management and staff, was producing better product and making more impact in their community and was able to expand to more locations and achieve revenue growth that led to an increase in the net profitability of the business.

Todd has built expertise in organization strategy, organizational alignment and effectiveness, individual and organizational assessments, executive development, employee engagement, succession planning, talent acquisition strategy and talent evaluation, group facilitation, team dynamics, corporate culture and change management. He has the PROSCI Change Management Certification and is trained in Appreciative Inquiry (a model that seeks to engage stakeholders in self-determined change with an eye on the positive aspects and opportunities before them rather than on the problems).

On Sunday, you may find Todd running with Rosie the rescue dog from Tennessee, watching the Patriots or cooking with a glass of wine.

Todd Vroman

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