Consultation Process

Relationships are What Matter

Our approach to your organization begins with the establishment of a collaborative working relationship. We build human relationships because they are what matter most. Our assessment process is comprehensive and aims to procure an understanding of strengths, obstacles to change, and issues that may be impacting your organizations ability to achieve their new best.

We believe individuals, teams and processes can be better.

Throughout the consultation process we take into account both the structural components and the interpersonal and group dynamics. We believe individuals can aspire to be better and do better, when the organization allows and supports the process of change. We are committed to serving organizations motivated to perform better.

"Organizational challenges are not only technical issues but people issues"
Angela Parente

Organizational models and theories inform our understanding of your system. Our expertise in human behavior inform how we manage the necessary change. Throughout the consultative process we practice continual assessment of your organization and this informs next steps.

The process of exploration changes the organization. In an effort to provide opportunities towards positive change, we remain mindful of our role as external consultants. And although we are experts in our field, you are experts of your organization.

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Be your New Best

Adesso Associates - Relationships Matter

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