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Leadership and executive Development

Good leadership starts from within understanding the beliefs and passions that drive you and discovering where that best fits with your company's vision. We will work with you and the organization to develop a plan that right for your organizations unique situation.

vision and values strategy

Vision and values are what drive the organization. It is the genetic roadmap of the organism and is part of the foundation of an organization. Employees are more successful when they understand the value of their individual action to that of the collective. Aligning the vision and values to employee roles and tasks will enable increased performance and organizational success.


Culture assessment and alignment

The essence of an organization is manifested by how the organization gets things done. This is the organizations culture and the impact it has is vast. It will either propel or thwart. Culture is made up of the beliefs, assumptions, behaviors, and values. These create the social and psychological environment that is unique to the organization. Culture is developed within the group and impacts the ability of the organization.


Team Dynamics and development

Individuals want to belong. Organizations provide the opportunity for their employees to come together and work
for successful outcomes. By providing a safe, supportive, encouraging environment, teams can flourish by challenging ideas, taking risks and making mistakes. This increases innovation and builds the trust required for optimal outcomes.

employee engagement

An organization’s success is ultimately rooted in the individual. Like any organism when each component is working
at its maximum success the organism benefits and thrives. Each individual employee brings that possibility to an organization. By facilitating individual employee success, an organization comes closer to becoming its next best.


People and Process

Individuals want to do their best, be their best and perform their best. Learn to provide individuals with the skills, the resources and the path to follow. “People form and use personal relationships to get work done. Deliberately or not, work, information and decisions, flow through processes between organizational units. How effective these networks and processes are, however, depends upon how well they were designed and implemented”. (Galbraith, pg 137)

Adesso Associates brings integrative, evidence based practices to your organization, with innovative strategies to optimize efficiency in both the consultation process and resulting outcomes. Embedded in every process is an examination of organizational structure. Each individual brings their own energy to a group that impacts all individuals as well as the collective experience. Collective experience impacts outcomes.