Organizational Culture Assessment and Alignment

What is Organizational Culture?

The essence of an organization is manifested by how the organization gets things done. For a business, this is the organizational culture and the impact it has is vast. It will either propel or thwart.

Your organization’s culture is made up of assumptions, values, behaviors and beliefs that influence how people behave in organizations. These create the social and psychological environment that is unique to the organization and sets the boundaries for how members of the organization behave.

Culture is developed within the group and impacts the ability of the organization. Business leaders are vital to the creation and communication of their workplace culture.

We can conduct a cultural assessment of your organization to determine how it is impacting your success, then recommend the steps that may need to be taken to best align your culture with your goals, vision and strategy. One way we perform a cultural assessment in your organization is by immersing ourselves in the organization internally, spending substantial onsite time studying the day-to-day activities and communications and interacting with employees.

To learn more about how your organization’s culture can impact its success and conduct a culture assessment, contact us for more information.

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