Our Consultation Process

Relationships are What Matter

Building a Collaborative Working Relationship

Our approach to your organization begins with establishing a collaborative working relationship. We build human relationships because they are what matter most.

Our assessment process is comprehensive and aims to attain an understanding of strengths, obstacles to growth and change, and issues that may be impacting your organization’s ability to achieve its best.

How we help your business depends on:

  • Your issues and challenges (e.g., employee productivity, engagement, or retention),
  • What you are trying to accomplish, and
  • Whether you are in growth mode or managing change (such as during an acquisition/merger, leadership change, or other major transformation.)

We focus on the physical as well as the psychological and the status of employee health and wellness, which is a major factor in employee productivity.

Focus on Areas Impacting Success

Depending on your organization’s situation, we will utilize one of the many effective organizational development models, such as the Star Model, an organization design framework developed by Jay Galbraith that encompasses five key elements that impact organizational success:

  • Strategy (direction),
  • Structure (power),
  • People (skillsets/mindsets),
  • Processes (information) and
  • Rewards (motivation).

Focusing on the status and enhancement of the strength of these elements ensures that an organization is running an efficient operation that is centered on achieving goals and optimally leveraging human resources.

Immersion in Your Organization

We also go beyond applying the theories, concepts and models of organizational psychology and concentrate on building meaningful relationships within and across your organization. We immerse ourselves in your organization internally, making sure to check any biases at the door. We observe, interact and work closely with your people to determine the solutions or approaches that will best meet your needs.

We don’t make any assumptions before investigating what’s really happening and we don’t push our own agenda. We simply allow situations and matters to present themselves as they are. We also focus on meeting people where they are with respect to their perspectives.

Customization of Our Engagement With You

Our client engagements can be single projects, such as an individual employee assessment, or a long-term consulting relationship in which we guide your organization through its stages of growth. We customize our engagement with you based on your goals and needs.

Contact us to schedule an initial consultation and find out how we can help address your issues and challenges.

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