Vision and Values Strategy

The Road Map to Your Organization’s Destination

Why does having a vision and values strategy help your organization?

Your organization’s vision for its future and the core values you define are what drive the organization. They make up the genetic road map of the organism and are part of the foundation of an organization. They communicate the who, what and why to all involved in the company’s success.

Employees are more successful when they understand the value of their individual actions and they relate to the collective.

  • Your vision is what the company aspires to be. It guides the everyday activities of every person involved in the business.
  • Your values support your vision and shape your culture. They should reflect what your company values as exhibited through its actions. They guide the organization in terms of the principles the leaders will follow in carrying out the activities of the organization.

Aligning your company’s vision and its core values to employee roles and tasks will enable increased performance and organizational success.

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