Why Work with Us?

A diverse business background and an understanding of the psychological dynamics behind organizational and employee actions.

Diverse Organizational Experience

Principal/Owner, Todd Vroman, is more than a well-educated and trained organizational psychologist. He also offers wide-ranging skills and experience from a 20-year background serving in diverse corporate roles, including business development, management, sales, marketing, training and team building. This experience enables him to bring knowledge and understanding of employee communication and interaction issues, team dynamics and executive development needs to every client engagement.

Unique Approach

Todd’s diverse organizational experience and corporate background combined with his education and training set him apart from other organizational psychologists who have not had the experience of working within a business or for-profit organization, particularly in various roles. Todd has the comfort level to immerse himself in the organization, spending substantial onsite time studying the day-to-day activities and communications and interacting with employees.

Compassionate Counsel

Todd counsels his clients with authenticity, empathy and a collaborative mindset, building trust and relationships and creating a learning environment that will benefit the company when future incidents occur. Todd instills a sense of humor during the lighter moments of his client work to help clients learn to laugh and find the humor in their experiences, where appropriate.

Visionary Results

Working closely with organizations and collaborating with their teams and people allows Todd to help them see the big picture and envision what is coming down the road. He is adept at setting aside any biases and focusing on the organization’s needs.

Collaborations for Overall Success

The team that rounds out Adesso Associates includes professionals from related disciplines who bring several years of experience themselves. These affiliates include specialists in health and wellness, and in diversity, equity and inclusion.

Beneficial Outcomes

By helping companies address organizational, managerial, team and employee issues and challenges, and by guiding them through major transformations effectively, Todd has helped them realize increased employee satisfaction, improved communications and interactions, and more positive staff attitudes. When there is a happier workforce and interpersonal relations are enhanced, businesses experience greater productivity, deliver better product quality and provide superior customer service — all of which have an impact on the bottom line.

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